Advent of Code 2022

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Foreword πŸ”—︎

Advent of Code is an annual event in which participants solve a series of coding puzzles. It typically begins on December 1 and runs through the end of the month, with a new challenge being released each day.

You can find its homepage here: Advent of Code.

I’ve participated in the previous years as well, but the difficulty does tend to ramp up as the event goes on, so it’s common to have trouble with the later puzzles.

Additionally, the holiday season can be a busy time for many people, so finding the time and focus can be challenging.

What’s new πŸ”—︎

Since I’ve recently started to learn KQL, I’ve tried solving problems in both languages (SQL and KQL). Once I get to a solution, I usually reuse the algorithm, but sometimes I could use the language’s features to my advantage.

Where’s the code? πŸ”—︎

I’m posting my code to this GitHub repo: zikato/AdventOfCode2022. Don’t expect best practices there, I usually race to a correct solution and don’t go back for refactor.

I’m already a bit behind schedule, and I can only expect the difficulty to increase. However, I’ll be happy if I can make the first ten challenges.

If you have extra time, I encourage you to find solutions independently - it’s good practice.

Thank you for reading.